Colour packs are sold separately from plaster, allowing the freedom to create different shades and options.

Colour packs are suitable for use in all our plaster products. Due to the difference between plaster formulae, colour packs are made specifically for each type of plaster.

All the colours listed below can be supplied in the exact quantities required for each plaster/pack size combination. From the dropdown menu, please select the correct plaster and pack size in which the colour pack is to be used.

Instructions: Mix the plaster and then add the colourant. Transfer some of the plaster into the colourant pack, mix, and return to the plaster pack to ensure all colourant is extracted. Mix well and let stand for 24 hours before use. Application method can affect final colour. Users should prepare a sample to ensure the shade is correct prior to use.

Download a copy of the colour chart by clicking here