Stucco Grassello

Stucco Grassello

Very high gloss Marmorino polished plaster



Stucco Grassello yields the highest shine of all our polished plaster finishes – higher even than that of Marmorino Classic Fine. This plaster offers a great sense of depth, being very smooth and cold to the touch.

Due to its extremely fine-grained nature, Grassello possesses practically no pores, which allows for easy waterproofing. This characteristic makes Grassello particularly suitable for bathroom walls, except for wet areas such as shower walls, where it may be prone to mould.

Colours – Available in Neutral or select from our premixed colours, remember colours will vary depending on your monitor.
Stucco Grassello has the same tint strength as Marmorino Fine.  So when selecting a colour pack for this product, please use one for Marmorino Fine.

Protection –  Use Natural Bees Wax, Soaps or Paraffin Wax.

Coverage – 0.825kg per Msq using 3 coats of Grassello

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano


Deko Primer

Interior: Hydrocalce / Beeswax / Mineral Wax / Marseille soap

Decorative Complement
Metallic Beeswax / Perla Wax

SI Trowel / Bianko, Spatulas

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