Stucco Italiano Metallic Marmorino Pearlescent Polished Plaster Venetian Eco-Friendly

We believe that using paint and plaster should be a pleasure.

Our aim is to manufacture or source the very best quality products. The products we sell are all created by craftsmen and women who saw a lack of quality in their field resulting in a disappointing experience and strove to create something better.

About Us
Stucco Italiano Marmorino Velvet Textured Opaque Venetian Plaster Damask Effect

We have a wide range of plasters and paint containing natural ingredients and colours

Our range concentrates on natural ingredients including lime, soya, clay, root vegetable and wherever possible we look for sustainable materials and packaging. We want you to enjoy buying and using our products, feel free to contact us for technical advice or just for a chat about your project.

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