Tadelakt Moroccan Plaster

Tadelakt Moroccan Plaster

Smooth and glossy traditional Moroccan wall finish



Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan polished plaster originating from the Marrakesh Region, where it is widely used in Hammams and Riads. It is mostly admired for its aesthetically pleasing smooth shiny finish, water resistance and durability.

Its earthy, organic look brings warmth and character to any architectural space, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. In addition, Tadelakt is easy to waterproof, making it ideal for use in damp environments such as bathrooms, shower walls, kitchens, and steam rooms.

Colours – Available in Neutral or select from our premixed colours, remember colours will vary depending on your monitor.

Protection – Use the Moroccan Soap or Bees Wax.

Coverage – 2.0 /2.5 kg Tadelakt per Msq for 3 coats.

This is a powder product that requires mixing with water

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano


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