Pastellone Fine Natural Cement

Pastellone Fine Natural Cement



Pastellone plaster retains the aesthetics of the traditional Venetian Marmorino for floors, furniture and countertops, while adding the durability that modern-day living demands.

First Coat – Use Pastellone Medium

Second & Third Coats – Use Pastellone Fine

Colours – Available in Neutral or select from our premixed colours, remember colours will vary depending on your monitor.

Protection – Use a single or two component polyurethane varnish for long term protection, or a floor wax as a sacraficial coating.

Coverage – 1.7-1.9kg per Msq for 3 coats.  You’ll need c.1.0kg per Msq of Pastellone Medium for the first coat, followed by c.0.7kg per Msq of Pastellone Fine for the second and third coats combined.

This is a powder product that requires mixing with water

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano

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