Whitson’s Fine Quartz Primer

Whitson’s Fine Quartz Primer

Specially formulated primer for lime-based products and screeds



Whitson’s Fine Quartz Primer has been specially formulated as a primer for lime-based products and screeds. It is suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates, including new and old plaster, gypsum, plasterboard and alkaline surfaces. It can also be applied to such substrates where they have been previously painted with conventional wall paints. The product dries to form a film with a fine texture, creating a surface offering outstanding adhesion for subsequently applied plasters. The surface texture also helps to hold the plaster in place whilst it is being applied.

The product is water based and formulated using high quality polymers which are highly alkaline resistant.

This product has a semi-opaque white finish, making it easy to see where it has been applied.

Thinning – Up to 10% by volume (7% by weight) with drinking water

Coverage – 0.100-0.150kg/sqm (6.7-10.0sqm/kg)

Application – Brush and Roller

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