Mirror +

Mirror +

Acrylic, glossy Marmorino finish for stunning, easy-to-make marbling and bravura effects



Mirror+ is an acrylic solution for glossy and washable Venetian plaster finishes. Since it can also be tinted and thinned for easy brush or sponge application, it is ideal for marbling techniques. The finish remains polishable for several days after application.

Mirror+ is a solution for creating shiny and washable Venetian plaster finishes. Its name is due to the great shine of the plaster, obtained through the use of acrylic resins and special carbonates. With a high coverage rate of over 1.5 m2 per kilo, it has excellent yield.

Initially designed for marble imitation techniques, Mirror+ can be used to create columns or other surfaces in faux marble. Indeed, the plaster can also be diluted and tinted, allowing for application with a brush or sponge to create the marble veins. Furthermore, the finish remains polishable with the blade of the trowel for a few days following application.

Colours – The material is available in natural white and can be coloured in any colour with Stucco Italiano’s System.

Coverage –  1kg per 1.5 Msq

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano



Treat a perfectly smooth surface with one coat of either Primer 4, Deko Primer for Dark or Deko Primer for Light. Deko Primer requires a slightly thicker first coat of Mirror+ than necessary with Primer 4.


Decorative Complement

SI Trowel, Polished Plaster Spatulas, Japanese Style Mini Trowel, Sea Sponge, Marbling Brush


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