Hydrophobix Ready to Use (2.5 Litres)

Hydrophobix Ready to Use (2.5 Litres)

Ready to use water-repellent agent for lime-based finishes


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Whitson’s Hydrophobix has been specifically developed for use as a water-repellent agent for lime-based finishes. Due to special modifications, it also offers far superior stain resistance and stain release properties when compared to typical water-repellent agents sold for use with lime plasters. Treated surfaces exhibit long lasting water-repellent and oil-repellent properties, without altering the water vapour permeability of the substrate. This makes Hydrophobix ideal for both interior and exterior protection, and is particularly suited for the preservation of finishes in showers and wet rooms.

Please note that this product is supplied pre-diluted, so must not be diluted any further. Where larger areas are to be treated, we suggest you consider using our concentrated product Whitson’s Hydrophobix Concentrate.

2.5lt Hydrophobix Ready to Use: This pack will cover approximately 10sqm.

For showers & wetrooms, please seek our advice regarding the best plasters and systems to use.


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