Colour Matching Service

Colour Matching Service



We offer this service for when you need a specific colour matched in any of our Stucco Italiano plasters. This is the perfect solution when you need to match a customer’s paint colours or when a colour has been specified by your designer or architect.


  1. Add this to your basket. If you require several colours matched, simply increase the number in the basket by adding more or adjust the quantity at checkout.
  2. Proceed to checkout, and in the “Notes/Delivery Instructions” box, simply enter the details of the colour you want matched (this can be a recognised standard such as RAL or BS, that from a paint colour card, or a unique sample that you may have) along with the type of plaster in which you want the match.

We hold an extensive library of recognised colour standards and paint range colour cards, so in many instances we will be able to get started on the colour match quickly. Where we do not have a colour standard to match against, we will ask you to send us a paint chip or sample of the colour.

Throughout the process we will keep in contact with you to let you know how the match is proceeding and to give you an estimated completion date.

Once we have completed the colour match, we will send you a wet sample of the plaster. Normally this will be around 1kg, so will be ample for you to produce a sample board for approval. We will always send a wet sample rather than a pre-prepared dry sample board because your application technique will affect the final colour, and we want you to see the true finished colour that you can expect in any subsequent material bought from us.

Once we have your approval on the colour match, we shall store the unique formulation for you to request at any time in the future.

Please note that all our colour matching is done by eye. Unlike other plaster suppliers offering similar services, we do not use a spectrophotometer, as this this is inherently flawed when trying to match a sample with the movement of a polished plaster – spectrophotometers are great for matching paint finishes, but NOT plaster.

Colours will be matched as close as possible in the desired plaster finish; however, we cannot copy the technique used by other people when you supply us with a physical sample of polished plaster. This is a colour match service only.

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