Pastellone Medium Natural Cement

Pastellone Medium Natural Cement

Natural Marmorino for walls and floors



Pastellone plaster retains the aesthetics of the traditional Venetian Marmorino for floors, furniture and countertops, while adding the durability that modern-day living demands. Pastellone has a smooth, lightly polished finish that can vary based on the application technique and protective treatment. It can be used in a variety of flooring areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, bedrooms, and even shower walls and saunas. It can also be applied to worktops, furniture, and walls for a wall-to-floor finish.

First Coat – Use Pastellone Medium

Second & Third Coats – Use Pastellone Fine

Colours – Available in Neutral or select from our premixed colours, remember colours will vary depending on your monitor.

Protection – Use a single or two component polyurethane varnish for long term protection, or a floor wax as a sacraficial coating.

Coverage – 1.7-1.9kg per Msq for 3 coats.  You’ll need c.1.0kg per Msq of Pastellone Medium for the first coat, followed by c.0.7kg per Msq of Pastellone Fine for the second and third coats combined.

This is a powder product that requires mixing with water

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano


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