Stucco Lava

Stucco Lava

A versatile stucco for decorative effects



Lava is a versatile stucco for decorative effects.
This is a textured, natural lime-based finish. It can be applied in various finishes, including a wide range of pearlescent, oxidised and metallic effects. Some finishes made with Stucco Lava are suitable for exterior walls. With its ability to be applied in a variety of effects and textures, Lava Plaster can be used to create truly unique and customised designs that adapt to any type of atmosphere, from modern to classic, dramatic to subtle and elegant, or even rustic.

Although it is lime-based, it is remarkably hard. It has a lower absorption degree than normal lime plasters and is therefore ideal as a support for veiled effects.

Colours – Available in White/Neutral or select from our colours, remember colours will vary depending on your monitor.

Coverage – 2.0-2.8kg per Msq using 3 coats

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano


Quartz Primer

Interior: Hydrocalce / Marseille Soap / Beeswax
Exterior: Hydrocalce

Decorative Complement
Terracotta / Salt & Pepper / Mother of Pearl / Milled Marble / Mica / Glitter / Ebano Powder
Velatura / Metallic Beeswax / Perla Wax / Pearl Cream

SI Trowel, Scrapers, Brush Trowel

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