Whitson’s Impasto Plaster

Whitson’s Impasto Plaster



Whitson’s Impasto Plaster is a super-versatile plaster capable of being used to create textured, embossed and low relief plaster finishes.

Enhanced using Metallic Wax, Glaze or Normal Paint, the desired finish is only limited by the imagination of the artist or decorator.

Colours – Available in Neutral but easily tintable

Protection – Apply Varnish or wax to create the desired effect.

Coverage – Will vary depending on depth – on average 3 – 3.5 sq metres per kilo.

This is a very flexible plaster which means that it can be applied to canvas, board and other off site installation panels and artwork. It requires no special priming but a substrate with an even  and low porosity will be best. If you are unsure about the substrate then a coat of diluted Normal Primer will even the porosity and ensure suitability.


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