Oxide Metal – Iron (Rust)

Oxide Metal – Iron (Rust)

A material that reproduces the effect of oxidized metal


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Oxide Metal Iron is used to produce a oxidised metal effect, resulting in an aged patina of rust on iron.

Designed for interior use, it can also be used in exterior settings when protected with a suitable varnish.

This product must be used in conjunction with Activator for Oxide Metal to create the oxidation effect.

After the Activator has been applied, it is not normally necessary to block the oxidative process, but if you want to do so, you can treat the surface with a mixture of water and Bicarbonate of Soda.  This is best applied using a spray bottle.

Also available in Copper Verdigris.

Primer/Basecoat – Deko Primer for Dark

Application – Spatula/Trowel when Undiluted, and Brush/Roller when Diluted

Protection – Where desired, use Waterbased PU Varnish

Coverage (Undiluted) – Approximately 1sqm/kg

Coverage (Diluted) – Approximately 2.1sqm/kg

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano


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