Full Set of Colourants

Full Set of Colourants



A full set of all 10 standard colourants. Use to create custom colours or use with our formulation software to create colours from our range.

This set contains:
Black 702 Colourant
Blue 21 Colourant
Green 61 Colourant
Magenta 22 Colourant
Orange 44 Colourant
Red 31 Colourant
Red 32 Colourant
Yellow 11 Colourant
Yellow 12 Colourant
Yellow 15 Colourant

This set does not contain White (Titanium Dioxide) Colourant and Carbon Black Colourant since they are for special use only, and do not feature in any of the colours in our formulation software.

Available as a full set of 10 x 100ml bottles or 10 x 1lt bottles.