012/3 Burnt Orange

012/3 Burnt Orange



Burnt Orange

This is a colourant pack for use with Stucco Italiano Plasters. The plaster you wish to use must be bought separately.

From the dropdown menu, please select the correct plaster and pack size in which the colour pack is to be used.

Limitations in display technologies make it impossible to provide an exact match to the true colour. Due to the type of these finishes, the desired finish and colour may differ as the finish quality is dependent on the skill of the applicator. It is the customer’s responsibility that the person carrying out the application prepares a sample to achieve the correct shade and texture.

Printed colour charts are available.

Instructions: Mix the plaster and then add the colourant. Transfer some of the plaster into the colourant pack, mix, and return to the plaster pack to ensure all colourant is extracted. Mix well and let stand for 24 hours before use. Application method can affect final colour. Users should prepare a sample to ensure the shade is correct prior to use.

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