Tadelakt is a natural mineral lime-based wall covering for fine decorative finishes primarily on interior surfaces although it can be used for exteriors

Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan wall finish originating in the Marrakesh Region; it is found in the hammams, the Moroccan steam baths, and in the riads of Marrakesh.  It has a smooth appearance, slightly shiny like Marmorino Carrara, but thicker and less textured.  It is very durable and quite water-resistant, but breathable.

Rediscovered in the West, Tadelakt polished plaster is appreciated for its durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance which brings to mind exotic places.

Our version of the classic Moroccan material was developed by Giovanni Polistena the founder of Stucco Italiano. His aim was to retain the look, feel and chemical makeup of traditional Morroccan Tadelakt but to create a slightly more sophisticated product that was easier to use. Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is less likely to delaminate or detach from the surface as plasters of this nature often do -even in the hands of the most expert installers. It is now preferred by many installers for its beauty and ease of installation. Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is the equal to its Moroccan counterpart in look and durability when applied correctly, and is superior in ease of application, price, and availability.

Key characteristics are hardness and the ability of the material to cope with high humidity; lime plasters from Stucco Italiano are zero VOC natural products that offer benefits for those with respiratory disorders with no off-gassing and a natural resistance to mould and microbial growth. Please note that Tadelakt is not naturally waterproof just by its very nature, the product has to be correctly installed understanding that the pores of the material need to be closed correctly and the correct sealants applied to ensure waterproofing. If you or your client wish to install this in wet-rooms or shower areas, then particular attention needs to be paid to ensure that the substrate is extremely well prepared. Any area that may suffer ingress to the back of the plaster such as where taps, toilets and other plumbing fixtures should be considered carefully and sealed well round the fitting.