Marmorino Metallic

This is a natural mineral lime-based wall covering for fine decorative finishes on interiors

Metallic Polished Plaster is a variation of Marmorino Classic polished plaster with the metallic effect obtained by adding a large quantity of fine metallic powder as opposed to the usual marble powder. 

This polished plaster finish has a soft-looking elegant metallic effect that changes as light hits the surface and also as you move round the room. The product base is white and is standard tinted in three colours: Gold, Silver (which could also be considered Pearl) and Copper, but the colour can be altered by adding small amounts of our colourant. It can also added to the last coat of the tinted Marmarino finish you are carrying out, This polished plaster is only for use on interior surfaces.

Metallic Polished Plaster is a very versatile product satisfying many decorative finishing needs due to the many methods of application.

Key characteristics are that this material is composed of micro-filtered aged slacked lime putty carefully mixed with a series of prestigious shot-powders- mica powder- with silver, golden and copper effect – this gives the material a quite different appearance to the other Marmorinos. It can be sealed with Beeswax or Fine Wax although this does change the appearance. Like the other Marmorinos it’s character is one of hardness and the ability of the material to cope with high humidity; lime plasters from Stucco Italiano are zero VOC natural products that offer benefits for those with respiratory disorders with no off-gassing and a natural resistance to mould and microbial growth.