Marmorino Classic

This is a natural mineral lime-based wall covering for fine decorative finishes on interior and exterior surfaces.

Of all the Venetian coatings, Marmorino Fine can be polished to the highest sheen and has the greatest depth.

The surface of the Marmorino Fine has an elegant gentle movement with varying tones. The finish usually demonstrates a soft pattern of darks and lights the shading of which is gradual, the quantity of patterning and movement depends on the application style. The traditional (not textured) Venetian Plaster has little movement, but allows you to put highlights into your work or even add nuances with single strokes of the trowel. Its luminosity is reminiscent of wealthy Venetian salons filled with light and vibrant reflections off the waters of the Grand Canal.

Key characteristics are hardness and the ability of the material to cope with high humidity; lime plasters from Stucco Italiano are zero VOC natural products that offer benefits for those with respiratory disorders with no off-gassing and a natural resistance to mould and microbial growth.