About us and our products

Whitson’s is the coming together of two decorators, and a paint chemist. Cait and Gibson are highly skilled painters with a lot of experience in decorative work. They had long recognised that there were products that the decorating world lacked and they wanted to develop or source products and offer them along with a great service that would give you the best buying experience. Nick our paint chemist was the catalyst that gave Whitson’s the ability to start developing new products and offer services that he had broad experience with, filling the vital gap. With many years between them in application and product development, the team at Whitson’s are well place to offer you great technical back up as well as their superior products and excellent delivery service

Whitsons Decorative Paint


Whitson’s branded products are products developed by decorators and artisans for decorators and artisans – this ethos runs right through all we do. They are products that are developed to be kind to the planet, seeking out natural, recycled and sustainable ingredients wherever possible even when it comes to packaging. With currently a small range of products on the market we continue to develop new and interesting products concentrating on quality, technical excellence, eco paints and plaster products.

Our first and still very popular product was our Whitson's Superior Adhesion Primer, made with resins that are manufactured from a renewable raw material - soya. This product continues to be a best seller both here and in the USA

Our gilding product range continues to expand and again these are now available in USA.


Stucco Italiano Italian Artisan Polished Plaster

Stucco Italiano

Stucco Italiano is a global brand of traditional easy to use decorative lime plasters and paint products. The brand is owned by crafts people who developed them for their own projects and went on to sell them. The founders of the company have over 40 years experience in the field but the company is still quite young only being 18 years in existence. In this short time it has built a worldwide reputation for consummate quality and ease of use. All the lime based products are made in Italy using the best raw materials all of which are Italian in origin. When designing their products priority is given to simplicity of application and versatility. The products are traditional, but the range allows the artisan to create a myriad of contemporary as well as classical finishes.

Whitson’s want you to have the best experience with the products so please feel free to call and discuss your project with us and we can help recommend the best products and systems available to you.

We have multiple information sheets we can send you particularly for areas like wet rooms. many of The Stucco Italiano plasters can be used in wet rooms;  the most popular of these has been Tadelakt and understanding how to apply, waterproof and maintain this product is important. We also supply a text based technical support service during application on WhatsApp why not call the Sales Department today and find out more 01738 442800 ext 1