Intonachino Coarse

Intonachino Coarse



Intonachino provides endless possibilities allowing it to be used in many textured variations such as Pitted, Dragged, Travertine, Banding, logos or even as a simple plain mottled finish. The 3 different grain sizes provide ample variations for the creative mind.

Please note that Intonachino Coarse is no longer available as a standard item. We currently carry a small stock, larger quantities can still be obtained by special order.

Colours – Available in Neutral or select from our premixed colours, remember colours will vary depending on your monitor.

Protection – Use the Natural Bees Wax, Soaps or Mineral Wax.

Coverage – 2.8 – 3.3kg/m2 with 2 coats.

Manufactured in Italy by Stucco Italiano

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